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Journalists, photographers and film crews are only granted access to the exhibition after approval by XPO Events. Please email your request to Journalists may be required to present valid press card or a letter from their supervising editor and a copy of the XPO Events approval email to gain access to the exhibition.

Photographs may only be used for purposes of reporting on the exhibition. Any other use is only permitted after express written approval by XPO Events. Any publications should be sent free of charge no later than two weeks after the date of publication to:

BODY WORLDS New Zealand, XPO Events, Level 3, 152 Beaumont Street, Westhaven, Auckland, New Zealand, 1010

If publishing online, you must inform XPO Events no later than the day of publication by sending the URL to Any photographs published online must contain a direct link to

Royalty-free Image Gallery


Examples of Image Galary

The official BODY WORLDS Image Gallery on contains a selection of high resolution images available for download. Simply select the image you want and click download. Next, you will be taken to a user agreement. Once you fill in the agreement, your images will be ready for download.

Please note: the following credits must be provided with each image: © Gunther von Hagens, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany,